How To Play And Win Your First Rummy Game

13 card Rummy is one of the fun games available on the internet. It is a matching-card game in a group characterized by the need to match cards from the same sequence or rank or the same suit. The objective of a Rummy game is building melds consisting of sets of three or four cards from the same rank or runs which is the method of playing 3 or more cards of the same suit in sequence. When a player discards a card which means he makes a run on the discard pile, that card will not be taken up before all the other cards at the top are used. Games scholar David Parlett considers the Mexican game called Conquian to be the ancestor of all card games, which was again derived from a Chinese game Khanhoo. 

Rummy is one of the most popular games played in India. If you are new to the game, do not know how to play rummy, and want to know ways in which you can win this game you are at the perfect place. While with card games one needs to keep playing to get better at it, with the following tricks one can stay ahead of other players in this game. 

Techniques to know for playing every Indian Rummy game.

  • Prioritize! Getting the pure run melded is important right from the beginning. Once that is set you can go ahead and concentrate on other things. 
  • Being observant is important in this game. Observe what the other players are doing while the game is on. Being alert in checking which cards the other players are discarding and picking from the open file will give you an idea about how to play rummy. Observing the play of the players will help you to determine which cards to retain and discard. 
  • One tip that always helps is discarding the higher point cards. This ensures that if your opponent shows their card before you do, your deadwood points will be reduced to a greater extent. 
  • Always know that no run can have more than 3 or 4 cards. This is one game trick that no one knows or observes. 
  • Be on the lookout for what is known as a smart card. Gather them whenever you can. These are cards that are melded easily in a run. For instance, the number 7 card is a smart or flexible card and can be put together with 5 and 6 as well as 8 and 9 of the corresponding suit. 
  • The use of Jokers is important in winning a Rummy game. One should learn to use Joker in the best way possible when playing the game. Use Joker when you need to complete a run or secure a higher points value set. At the same time, one thing no one should ever do is use Joker in a natural run. 
  • Many new players keep waiting for the right card that can meld a run. This is not a wise move. Keep evaluating the cards at hand and try to adapt and adjust your gameplay. 
  • Arranging your cards properly at the beginning of any game will help once the game starts. One way you can do that is to arrange the cards in alternate colors. This will not confuse you when you are trying to avail and discard a card. 
  • Dispose of cards as quickly as possible without waiting for them to meld. Retaining cards that are of no use will only slow your gameplay. Discard the unusable cards right at the beginning especially those with high values. 

These are the essential ways to optimize your rummy gameplay. Follow these rules to get better at the game as and when you play it. The following are the tricks that get you a higher chance of winning the Rummy game. 

One can be sure that the best way to play Indian Rummy online is to develop your skills at the game. The best way to play and win at a Rummy game is to constantly evaluate your cards and put them to the best use while observing the gameplay of your opponent. It is obvious that your opponent will be doing the same thing and observing you but having the following tricks up your sleeve will help you trick your opponent 

Every time you take a card from a pile for creating a sequence, know that your opponents are keeping track of the cards you discard. You can throw your opponent off by discarding a card that you might have two of, which will throw your opponent off and lead them in the wrong direction. 

Another thing one can do is manipulating their opponent into giving you a card that you need. This can be done especially when you are looking for a card to form sets. For example, you are trying to meld sets of three Jack Cards but you only have Jack of Spade and Clubs. You can discard a Queen of Hearts, which can confuse your opponent into playing their Jack of Hearts which is exactly what you need. This way of getting a card of your choice from your opponent is known as baiting and fishing. 

While these above-mentioned tips can greatly improve your Rummy game play, at the end of the day it is an individual’s prerogative how well they implement these rules or guidelines. The cards one gets and the way a person uses those cards are important in winning a game of Rummy. That doesn’t mean that one will have the possibility of winning every card game. Practicing and playing, again and again, will attune a person into locating and identifying sequences and runs that will greatly influence the quality of play and how well one reads his/her opponent. Rummy is a fun game to play and it is highly enjoyable. So the best thing is to have fun.